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Pfizer and Microsoft team up -
Microsoft Corp. and Pfizer Inc. on Thursday announced parallel lawsuits against two international spam rings pushing a variety of drugs, especially those purporting to be generic versions of Pfizer's Viagra product. The two companies filed a total of 17 lawsuits in courts in New York and Washington state.

Googles IPO may see delay due to article in 'Playboy' - Google Inc. plans to open the auction for its hotly anticipated IPO today and set the final price next week, despite legal questions about a newly published Playboy interview with the founders of the online search engine.

Hotmail increases storage space - Hotmail is boosting the amount of storage space for users of both its free and paid e-mail service. From July the basic Hotmail allowance will be boosted to 250MB and paying customers will get two gigabytes.

Airforce to outsource Op Centers - The Air Force in June plans to solicit vendors to oversee systems engineering and integration in its Air Operations Centers, a contract that could be worth $1 billion, said service and industry officials and documents.

Lycos cuts 20% Staff - The Lycos MascotOnce a bright star of the dot com days, Lycos has announced that it will be streamlining its business in order to focus on subscription services, such as its personals site Matchmaker. The company, based in Waltham, Mass., will outsource U.S. advertising sales to 24/7 Real Media.

Writing a business plan - Writing an effective business plan can be daunting, but with these simple to follow points it should be no problem at all!

ISO9001 for Small Businesses - ISO9001 is a very large business standard, but for small businesses it can be a daunting process. We look at the pitfalls and the alternatives.

Media Centers and Relationship Management -

Is Google turning into Microsoft? - Privately backed Google has lately conjured up some Microsoft-like comparisons, but its recent moves, including the release of its ``Search by Location,'' suggest its culture remains far removed from the ``evil empire.''

Search Engine Friendly Pages - These days, most Website owners head to a search engine optimisation company if they want to improve search engine traffic. However, all too often, the chance of search engine success is decided long before that.

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