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AdRevenue Text Ads

If you aren't yet convinced that a website can make you money, then AdRevenue may well be the system for you.

With banner ads quickly becoming unfashionable, Text Link Ads look set to take over (thanks in part to their use by Google).

Text Ads are basically a few links of text with a link that appear on the side or bottom of your pages, they are unintrusive, and recent studies have shown them to be highly affective.

AdRevenue is a script that uses PHP and the fast MySQL type database to serve Text Ads to any number of websites, and this is does extremely well. Installation of the script is a breeze with an online wizard, and one set up the entire program performs beyond expectations.

Supporting integration with Pay Pal, this means that you can literally set up the system and leave it to run on it's own, bringing in the bucks. The entire program itself is run from a number of templates, and so is extremely easy to customize.

At $75, its likely to be too expensive for the amateur webmaster, but well within the reach of anyone who is serious about increasing revenue from their website. In addition to this you will need a host that supports both PHP and mySQL.

Summary: A great little program, fast and efficient. Easy to set up and easy to use.



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