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AdRevenue Text Ads Review

Text Adverts have become the next hot thing on the web, making appearences on top sites such as Google and MSN.

Text Ads from W3Matters is a nifty little program that allows you to start your own text ad network, serving links onto a variety of pages and sites.

The program requires mySQL and PHP, and is very easy to install, simply upload it to your server and then configure it via the web interface, in all the installation process takes less than a few minutes, with most of the variables required being automatically detected.

The greatest strength of this system happens to be in its high degree of automation. Once set up and properly configure the system can be linked into a credit card process such as PayPal. This will automate the entire order flow, allowing people to sign up and pay for ads without the need for human intervention.

At around $60 the program may be too expensive for the casual webmaster, but is a definite must for anyone serious about building a web site that breaks even as soon as possible.

My only disappointment was the lack of cutomization, ad colours and layout, such as horizontal listing of ads, is non existent, this makes for a one look fits all approach that doesn't quite manage it. However, W3Matters have promised that the next release will have all these features... and more!

Summary: A great program, lightening fast and easy to install, a must for any serious webmaster.

 Silver Award

Easy to install
High Degree of Automation

Lacks some expected features
Expensive for amateur webmasters




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