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Imperial Mark

The Imperial Mark represents the highest accolade a residence or service can achieve, through-out the world holders of the mark are reputed to be the most excellent companies.

The Mark has come to symbolise the very essence of excellence, organizations that have passed beyond the normal boundaries of performance and offer a level of service second to none.

The Mark itself is over 150 years old, though it's exact origin is not clear, it was revived in the late ninties, and was taken over by the International Charter in 2001, during a phase of expansion via acquisition.

ICharter has striven to maintain the original spirit of the Mark, and kept it largely seperate from the other brands and services the organization provides. This has contributed greatly to it's continued success and it being reverred throughout many industries.

How do I get an Imperial Mark for my Company?

The Mark is not available to buy, and it is increasingly difficult to nominate anyone for consideration. One of the reasons for this is because of the limited number in effect at any single time (currently there are less than ten organizations or businesses that are holders, though in 1998 there were as many as thirty seven).

There is no real way to apply, and nominations usually come from existing or previous Mark holders. You can however attempt (in vain!) to apply via the official Imperial Mark website.

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