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In-Link SQL Directory

In Link 2 SQL Directory

In Link 2 is an SQL Directory, in a similar vein to the structure and format used by larger directories such as Yahoo! and FindWhat, links are organized in a heirachecal system

With Sega withdrawing from the market, and Nintendo in a desperate fight to remain a player with the Gamecube, the arrival of the Playstation 2 has set this industry up for a massive battle of marketing and technology.

Playstation 2: The playstation 2 is the latest attempt by Sony to retain its strangle like hold on the games market, which has grown to become a significant source of revenue for the electronics giant.

Like the PS One (which has taken on a new lease of life by going after the low end market) the PS2 has a vast variety of games, including PS One titles.

A DVD player is now as standard, and unlike the X-Box, no extra devices or remotes are required to play back films. Using a number of CD programs the DVD player function can even be unlocked to allow for multi region playback.

Graphically the PS 2 does not disappoint, the gameplay is smooth and the use of FMV (full motion video) now appears in most of the titles, one thing that may disappoint many is the standard machine does not ship with a memory card (vital for saving progress in games), this compares with the X-Box that has an inbuilt hard drive for this purpose.

Overal the PS2 edges out Microsoft X-Box simply by the range of games and titles that are available, it also looks considerable better than the X-Box, and won't look out of place in any living room.

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Wide variety of games
Graphics are great
Looks Great

No Memory Card




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