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Internet Keywords

This is a comparison of the three major internet keyword systems currently available on the web, IGetnet, Commonnames and the International Keyword.

Criteria IgetNet Commonname iKeyword
Price $3500 $200 $45
International NO NO / UK Only Yes
Ad Ware No Yes No
Regulated Self No ICANN
International Charter
Registry Yes No Yes
Legal Process No No Yes
Version NONE NONE 1.75
Spyware Yes No No
Removable No No Yes


There has been a lot of press recently regarding IGetNet who have basically resorted to sending spam and making false promises, view and for more information on this, they have also used a number of strong arm tactics to try and get buyers.

From the out set you should be dubious of this company simply because of the services they offer, including Pop Up. It has been suggested that they buy thousands of pop ups simply to inflate their flagging keyword resolutions.

At this time the only company we would consider doing business with is the International Keyword Registry, who have adhered to a high standard of business practice, and are a lot cheaper than IgetNet. Commonname remains a good company, but has only UK coverage at this time.

By: Amanda Higson

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