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Metasearch Engine Pro Review

Search Engines built the web! Well, maybe they didnt build it but they certainly contributed to it.

However, in the time of titans such as Google and MSN, launching your own search engine can be a daunting task to say the least, thankfully thats where Metasearch Pro from Done-Right Scripts comes in.

MetaSearch Pro is an out of the box search solution, allowing anyone with a webserver (and PERL) to start a their own metasearch in under an hour.

Whats a Metasearch?

Indexing and sorting pages can consume vast amounts of severs and data space (just ask Google, who store terrabytes of data).

A metasearch solves this problem by searches other search engines and bringing the results all together in one place, meaning that you no longer actually need to store any information on the pages out there on the web, just the location of major search engines such as MSN and the already mentioned Google.

MetaSearch Pro is extremely easy to set up, the whole administration process is done online, and once it's running theres no stopping you!

In keeping with the spirit of actually using your website to make money, MetaSearch Pro has the ability for you to allow users to pay for listings, for example a person may agree to pay $0.10 for each click through if their website is listed to for a search on "web design".

A word of warning about sponsored listings are that they heavily dilute the reliabilty of your search results, since sites are no longer listed in relevance order. This problem is likely to be solved with the promise of integration with the new International Keyword Protocol.

Summary: An all round good search script, light on server responses and very easy to set up.

 Silver Award

Easy to install
High Degree of Automation

Can be slow at times




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