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Syndicating Content

Fresh content is a necessity for any successful website. But who has enough free time to publish fresh content on a daily basis? Allow me to introduce you to "syndicated content." By including syndicated content on your site, it stays fresh with very little effort on your part. So how do you get it? How does it work? Slow down... All will be revealed in due time. Remember, patience is a virtue.

Syndicated content is dynamic material that constantly changes. Your first step is finding it -- preferably, for free, although some will charge you for the privilege. In most cases all you do is fill out a short form, and are then given some HTML code to paste into your web page where you want the content to appear. The content will automatically change depending on the service you're using, every 24 hrs, weekly or bi-weekly.

Content Types
Syndicated content comes in many different forms:
- News feeds
- Stock tickers
- Weather updates
- Tips and tricks
- Short articles
- Even graphics and cartoons.

Using syndicated content saves you time since you don't have to create or maintain it. It keeps your site fresh and interesting ensuring visitors will come back to see what's new on a regular basis. Make sure you check for any restrictions on use before signing up to use any service.

Pro's and Cons
As with most things there are advantages and disadvantages. We look at a few of these to help you decide whether Syndicated Content is right for your site.


  • May slow down the loading of your site due to the fact that the content is being pulled from the syndicator's server.
  • Since most free content involves a link back to the syndicator's site you may lose visitors who are curious enough to click on it.
  • The content is seldom unique so a user may feel duped if they see the exact same piece of content on another site.


  • Fresh updated content with no work on your part
  • Saves you time by not having to create new content
  • Keeps visitors returning to see what's new

If you write short articles and would like to see your content in syndication and appearing on other's websites you can submit your 400 to 1,200 word articles to and attach a photo (80X105). If chosen your articles will be added to live feed.

You also may be interested in purchasing software to syndicate your own content. Check out Master Syndicator which makes it easy to start syndicating your own content. Selling for only 99.00 it runs on UNIX or Linux servers.

So next time your website needs some fresh content you may want to seriously consider using syndicated content. Why not benefit from someone elses work? Your website visitors will keep coming back for more, and you won't have to work so hard at keeping things fresh.


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